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Building a home can be a daunting experience especially your first home, that is why we wanted to be sure with the person we chose to do the job.

When we started looking for a builder we went to 7 different builders and building companies and sat down with all of them and went through the process of looking through all they had to offer us, most of the people wespoke to were just sales people working for the builder and it just felt very fake like they were trying to sell us a product instead of building a home for us. That is why after speaking with Norm and seeing the quality of his own homes we felt a lot more relaxed and very confident that the person talking to us and that was going to build our house would be there through the whole process, and we were not wrong.

Unfortunately for us our dealings with the developer of our block of land was a bad one taking over a year of fighting with solicitors and court to get our land which Norm Wales stuck with us through the whole thing trying to help with whatever he was able to. Once we got our block then it was all up to Norm, it was smooth sailing from there right from the start from when we sat down with our plan for our house and he showed us in the contract exactly what we were getting for the money we were able to spend.

Also even items we were not able to buy Norm wouldn’t want us to compromise on getting what we wanted he would then call up the supplier to discuss a better deal or a better price for us. Our house was built in 3 months and 2 weeks and never seemed like anything was ever rushed just very efficient organisational skills on Norm’s part. As we discussed with Norm about our house anything we wanted to do whether it be use our own subbies or change certain parts of the house Norm was always happy to help not like some of the other builders we spoke to it was their way and that was it, also all the subbies that Norm uses are all really great blokes and we still use them for any extras we need done around the house…

…So we would definately without question recommend Norm Wales” Constructions to anyone building or renovating a house because like they say building is a stressfull and painful experience and I won’t lie it was stressfull building our first home but with Norm he made it go so smooth and we didn’t have a single problem or hick up or stoppage so it defiantly wasn’t painful.

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Norm Wales

Norm’s discipline continued as he excelled in his trade, gaining valuable experience that enabled him to begin his own building company. With a philosophy of constant improvement, Norm developed processes for every aspect of his business.

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