The Story Of The Man Behind Your Dream Home

Does It Really Matter Which Builder You Choose?

Sometimes it doesn’t matter who makes the thing you’re buying. Because it’s not a major financial purchase. Or because you won’t keep it very long. Or because it’s just not that personal to you.

But when it comes to your home – one of the largest financial investments you will make in your life; an asset you will own longer than almost anything else; and something that is deeply personal because it meets your daily needs, reflects part of who you are, and is the setting for so many memories in your life – you really should know something about the person who designed and built it.

  • The person who took the time to get to know you and your family. And designed a personalised floorplan with features you’ll enjoy every day for decades.
  • The person who formed the very foundation and structure that secures your home.
  • The person who poured their skill and experience into every detail to ensure your home is flawlessly finished.

Keep reading to get to know the man behind your dream home.

The Rough Start That Made The Man


Norm Wales' life changed when he was just eight years old. His Dad died. And he had to grow up very suddenly to help take care of his Mum and five siblings. Money was scarce. And as you can imagine, life wasn’t easy.

Still, there were lots of happy times. The family banded together, focussing on simple beliefs and morals which continue to guide them today. “Honesty was critical,” remembers Norm. “We learned that a promise is a promise -- our word is our word.”

So Much More Than Just A House

Growing up, Norm’s family didn’t own a house. But they had each other. And day by day they built a life together. They made plans, made memories, and made a legacy worth celebrating.

Norm learned that a house is so much more than bricks and mortar.

  • It’s a safe place to be yourself, find yourself, and grow into a better version of yourself.
  • It’s a place of firsts. Experiences and lessons that become part of you.
  • It’s a sanctuary where your most important conversations take place.
  • And it’s a place of memories. Simple things like your bedroom (the colour of the walls, the shelf where you kept your special things, the hook that was once too high but soon reached with ease). The backyard where you learned to throw, catch, kick, and hit a ball.

“Every home we build is special. It carries a piece of our heart,” Norm reflected. “We literally change lives by giving families the home of their dreams.”

Destined To Build Beautiful Homes


Norm has always loved timber. The smell, the textures, and the things you can build with it. In his early teens he started developing his skills designing and building cubby houses. And quickly realised this was what he wanted to do for the rest of his life.

Always the goal setter, Norm dreamed of buying his own home. “I was just 16 when I went to the bank to get a loan,” he remembers. “They told me to save my money and come back when I was 18. I did. I got the loan. And I bought my first house.”

Is Norm The Most Organised Builder In Australia

Norm’s discipline continued as he excelled in his trade, gaining valuable experience that enabled him to begin his own building company. With a philosophy of constant improvement, Norm developed processes for every aspect of his business. “We have a checklist for everything,” he smiles. “Some people say we even have a checklist for our checklists.”

Norm believes that processes and planning are key to delivering a house on time, on budget, and on point. “We spend more than 100 hours planning before we pick up a tool,” he says. “We order all supplies right down to the number of nails we need, and schedule all trades before we begin building.”

The 1% That Makes Every Aspect Of Your Home Better

Norm’s attention to detail – in every aspect of your home – is unparalleled. “It’s the little things that matter,” he says. “While other builders cover mistakes with plaster and paint, we do things right the first time.”

This philosophy is adopted by Norm’s entire team. “Tradespeople love working with us,” he says. “They can count on our scheduling. And they know they’ll have the room to do their best work.” It’s one of the reasons why Norm and his team have been honoured with so many industry awards.


“Yes” When Others Say “No”

Norm is dedicated to giving his clients the exact home they’ve been dreaming about. That’s why he takes so long to understand their vision, their lifestyle, and even their personality.

And he doesn’t shy away from a challenge. “When other builders say it can’t be done, we find a way.” His skill and innovation can be seen in the personalised details his clients appreciate most about their homes. Over the past 26+ years he has helped more than 260 family’s get their dream home.

What’s Your Story?

And more importantly, where is it going from here? We’d love to be part of it. To help you write the next chapter by designing and building your dream home. The exact home you’ve always wanted. The place where you and your family will make memories that become your legacy and the foundation for future generations.

Whether you’re ready to build, or just gathering ideas, we invite you to book a Free Discovery Session. Norm would love to get to know you and share tips from his 26+ years of building beautiful homes. And if appropriate, we’d love to help you get the exact home you want – on time, on budget, and perfectly on point.

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