How To Get The Custom Home You’ve Always Wanted

Built With Precision And Pride, Completed On Time, On Budget, And On Point

Transparent Fixed Pricing With No Nasty Surprises So You Can Plan Your Finances With Certainty

Local Award-Winning Builder With 26+ Years Experience In The Bundaberg Region

Supreme Attention To Detail So Your Home Looks Better, Lasts Longer And Is Sort-After At Resale

What Floorplan, Features And Finishes Are You Most Looking Forward To Having In Your Dream Home?


Like most people looking to build a custom home, you’ve probably been collecting ideas from magazines, TV renovation shows, and taking note of other nice homes you see. You may even have a scrapbook, mood board or Pinterest page of ideas.

Now’s your chance to finally get everything you’ve ever wanted in a home. The exact floorplan to suit the way your family lives. Comforts (and even some luxuries) that make every day living a little easier (and special). All built with supreme attention to detail to look better and last longer.

However, you may have some questions and concerns. After all, building a custom home is a significant investment in both time and money.

Dream Or Disappointment? How To Be Sure Your Custom Home Is Everything You Hope For

Sadly, some people have second thoughts about building a custom home because people they know have had a disappointing experience (or they’ve seen negative stories online or on TV). Keep reading to discover common concerns and how we ensure our clients don’t suffer these challenges. Perhaps you are…

  • Worried about budget overruns and hidden costs… and want a builder who is honest, transparent and includes all costs in the contract, so you know exactly what you’re getting and precisely what the investment is (with no nasty surprises)
  • Afraid your home will take longer than promised… and want a builder with the processes and team to finish your home on time and on budget, so you can plan your life and finances with certainty
  • Nervous about subpar materials and workmanship… and want a builder with the integrity, experience, and attention to detail to ensure your home is structurally solid and flawlessly finished
  • Unsure how to choose the right builder for your custom home… and want a builder with a proven track record, and a personal commitment to deliver the exact custom home you want – on time and on budget.

Lots of people building a custom home have similar thoughts. That’s why we created a Free Discovery Session where we share our 26+ years of experience, answer your specific questions, and provide the information you need to get the exact custom home you want.

How We Help You Get
The Custom Home You Want

Since 2007 we have helped more than 260 Bundaberg families & retired couples get their dream custom home – on time, on budget, and perfectly on point. Here are some of the things we do differently to other custom home builders in the Bundaberg area to ensure you get the exact home you want:

Transparent, Fixed Pricing

Unlike other builders (and their commission salespeople) who get you excited with an unrealistically low price and a misleading contract that omits tens of thousands of necessary inclusions that you later discover you need to pay for separately, we give you an honest price upfront. And we detail everything in your contract. So you know precisely what you’re getting and exactly how much it will cost, with no nasty surprises.

Homes That Are Truly Custom

Sadly, builders seem to be losing their creativity. They build the same homes over and over. Reluctant to take on a challenge. On the contrary, we love incorporating one-of-a-kind features in our homes. Small details that provide for your lifestyle and reflect your personality. That’s why we take so much time to get to know you and understand the vision you have for your home. And while other builders say, “No” or “Not possible”, we’ll find a way to make it happen.

Methodically Organised

While many builders approach their projects one day at a time, we invest over 100 hours planning your build before we break ground. We order all supplies and schedule all trades. And we have a proven process for every single step. So you can be certain your build will run smoothly.

Constant Clear Communication

Too many builders fail to communicate with their clients, leading to misunderstandings and mistakes. We take time to understand exactly what you want. And we keep you informed with weekly updates (including progress photos) so you always know what’s happening. You will feel part of, and enjoy, the building process.

Supreme Attention To Detail

For too many builders, close enough is good enough. After all, most things can be covered with plaster and paint. But not us. We take pride in every aspect of our craft. You can be sure your home will be structurally solid and flawlessly finished.

Expert Custom Home Advice – 100% Free

Have questions you’d like answers to? Want specific guidance on your custom home design? Book a Free Discovery Session and we’ll be glad to share our 26+ years of experience to help you get the exact custom home you want.

Rock Solid In Every Way

Labour shortages and rising material costs are causing many builders to go broke. It’s sad for these builders and their families. But even worse for their clients who are left with half-finished homes. But in most cases, these tragedies are totally avoidable. The answer is a combination of honest upfront pricing, organisation to ensure all building materials and trades are locked in before building begins, and proven processes to keep everything on time. We’ve been building in the Bundaberg region for more than 26 years. And we’re just getting started!

Honest About Everything

Sadly, many builders struggle to tell the truth these days. They often avoid answering questions. They give incomplete information. And sometimes they simply lie. When you ask us a question, you’ll get a straight answer (even if it’s not what you want to hear). And when we say we’ll do something, you’ll be sure it will be done. Because our word is our word. Our name (and reputation) is part of every home we build.

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Are You Starting To Picture Your Dream Home?

Seeing it as you enter your street, pull into your driveway, and arrive home to the house you’ve always wanted. Relaxing in front of the TV, with a book, or sleeping in on a Saturday. Important conversations around the kitchen and around the dinner table.

Little feet running, skipping, jumping, kicking. Too quickly turning into big feet as you mark the years (and centimetres) on your family height chart.

Entertaining friends – proud to share your home with those closest – revelling in the experiences you enjoy together.

Everything designed for you and your family – the reading nook, study alcove, basketball court… come soccer field… come cricket pitch as the seasons (and years) change.

The memories that mark the most important things in your life. In your home.


The Quickest And Easiest Way To Get The Custom Home Information You Need

You can learn a lot about building online these days. But it takes hours of research. And then you can’t really be sure what you’re reading or watching is right. That’s why we created a Free Discovery Session. It’s the quickest and easiest way to get the answers and information you need to get the custom home you want including:

  • Your Questions: Bring your list – we’ll give you honest answers that help you get the exact custom home you want (and suggestions to make it even better)
  • What’s Popular Now: Design trends that may give you ideas and inspiration for your home (including design pitfalls to watch out for)
  • Clarity And Confidence: Guidance to help you refine your ideas, so you have a clearer picture of what you want in your custom home
  • Costs And Timelines: An overview of what’s involved in building the type of house you want (and an honest estimate of the total costs)
  • Builder Comparison Questions: These questions will help you narrow down the best builder for your custom home.

Your Discovery Session will be with Norm Wales, the owner of the company (not a commission salesperson). Norm will share his 26+ years of experience building custom homes in Bundaberg.

Naturally, we’d love to design and build your home. But in any case, we’re glad to help you with this Free Discovery Session, so you can get off to the right start in planning and building your dream custom home.

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