What you can expect from our home building team

At Norm Wales Contructions, we are strong believers in one-on-one communication, throughout the whole process from the first meeting until we handover and even beyond. When building your dream home with us, we actively guarantee:


Accurate yet flexible quotes:

The standard amongst most builders is to charge per square metre, an approach that all too often can lead to horribly rigid and inaccurate pricing.

This is why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to offer a different pricing structure; all of our quotes are based on the actual build, and not a measure of the lot with added extras.

What this means is you only pay for the materials used and work done, nothing more or nothing less. As a plus, this also allows for greater flexibility in quotes; throughout the entire process you are fully capable of adding and subtracting elements of the build to suit your budget or changing vision.

No matter what sort of budget you are working from, you will be able to afford something spectacular with us.

Your plans are your plans

Whether you have supplied plans from the outset or have had us create them, the plans used for your project are yours and yours alone.

On the one hand, this means that what you are creating is 100% one of a kind, with no other matching structure to be seen anywhere on the local market. And on the other, it means that if there is a change of mind in any sense, you are free to change the plans or take them with you to use at a later date (there will be payment and contractual factors to be discussed in such an instance).

We adhere to this because we wholeheartedly believe, given the financial and emotional investment being made, that you deserve something that is unique to you.


Your dreams, hassle-free

Norm Wales Constructions aims to eliminate as much of the typical hassle, stress, pain and confusion that can come with getting anything built or remodelled.

By taking the load off of your shoulders and handling as much of it as possible ourselves, we can ensure that your only worry is which colour is right for the living room walls.

We even handle all the certification and approvals required prior to work starting, meaning that you do not have to deal with a single bit of red tape or any pesky bureaucrats. You can now rest easy knowing that your dreams are in capable hands.

A Hand Shake Is A Hand Shake

If nothing else, we can guarantee that we are consummate professionals, through and through. From the moment we meet with you, you can rely on us to be:

  • Punctual
  • Caring
  • Understanding
  • Patient
  • Passionate
  • Focused
  • Honest

We produce quality work because we are well-experienced and highly skilled builders who are more than willing to give our all for the sake of getting the job done. And we aim to make the right first impression and then maintain it right through to the project’s end and beyond, including a 6 month defect warranty and peace of mind 6 year & 6 months warranty.

Do the right thing by your plans or home by choosing Norm Wales Constructions as your builder.

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