Can a Knockdown Rebuild Make More Sense Than Renovating a Bundaberg Home?

Transparent Fixed Pricing With No Nasty Surprises So You Can Plan Your Finances With Certainty

Local Award-Winning Builder With 26+ Years Experience In The Bundaberg Region

Supreme Attention To Detail So Your Home Looks Better, Lasts Longer And Is Sort-After At Resale

In recent years, especially in the Bundaberg region, the trend of knockdown rebuilds has surged – driven by the scarcity of land and the desire to remain in cherished neighbourhoods.

Families like the Robinson’s for instance…

Have discovered the joy of knocking down their existing property and rebuilding their dream home.

"We began the building process with Norm when living overseas. He was the only builder to contact us personally within a very short time over the phone. Norm made us feel at ease immediately face to face and supported our vision on the plans we had drawn with great enthusiasm.

Suppliers also spoke very highly of working with Norm which gave us confidence that we had chosen the right builder.

We felt that above all else, Norm is well organised and has enormous attention to detail. We always felt supported when making choices and in particular, Norm and Michelle gave honest opinions as to what they felt would work well and what could perhaps be a better choice for our home.

Once Norm began the job, it felt to us that is went very quickly and smoothly. His building team onsite were exceptionally polite and we really enjoyed the interaction with them.

Each time we were onsite during the build, you could literally feel how much effort Norm had personally poured into building our home.

The weekly update via email made us feel part of the team and brought us up to speed with where we were at and what to expect the following week. The admin team is well organised and a pleasure to deal with.

Handover was significantly earlier than expected and the walk through with Norm and Michelle was thoughtful and considered. There was a lot of information presented in a simple way which gave us great confidence to move in.

We would recommend him to anyone who wishes to build in and around Bundaberg."

Paul & Regan Robinson

Whether it's the charm of oceanfront views or the convenience of a beloved suburb, a knockdown rebuild offers the unique opportunity to create a modern, custom-designed home in the area you love.

Isn’t it Smarter and More Cost Effective to Renovate?

In the case of a substantial renovation, it's crucial to weigh the value of pouring funds into an existing structure.

This is because often, the foundational elements of the house (even after the renovation) continue to remain decades old.

Therefore from a value perspective, are you truly revitalising your home or just applying a costly temporary fix to an ageing structure?


For the Cost of a Major Renovation, You Might be Able to Build a New Home From Scratch

This not only gives you a fresh start, but also ensures every part of your home is brand new, fully warrantied, and without any legacy issues.

Renovating or extending might seem like a less daunting task initially, but the costs can escalate quickly, especially with significant refurbishments and unexpected surprises.

The key lies in considering the long-term benefits and potential return on investment. A new home, built from the ground up, offers more than just immediate satisfaction; it's your chance to finally get everything you’ve ever wanted including:

  • The exact floor plan to suit the way your family lives.
  • Comforts (and even some luxuries) that make every day living a little easier (and special).
  • All built with supreme attention to detail to look better and last longer.

Now you may have some questions and concerns. After all, building a custom home is a significant investment in both time and money.

Dream Home or a Series of Compromises?

Ensuring Your Knockdown Rebuild Exceeds Every Expectation

Embarking on a knockdown rebuild can be filled with excitement but also apprehension, fueled by the unsettling stories of others' experiences. We're here to address your concerns head-on and assure you of a seamless and satisfying journey. You might be pondering over:

Budget and Hidden Costs

 Understandably, you seek a builder who values honesty and transparency. We provide clear, inclusive pricing in our contracts, ensuring you know the full investment upfront – eliminating the worry of unforeseen expenses.

Timely Completion

The concern of extended timelines is common. With our experienced team and efficient processes, we commit to completing your dream home on schedule, enabling you to confidently plan your future.

Communication and Clarity

Staying informed is crucial. We guarantee constant communication throughout your project, ensuring you're never left in the dark and every step is clear and understood.

Quality and Craftsmanship

The anxiety over material quality and workmanship is valid. We pride ourselves on using premium materials and delivering top-notch craftsmanship, ensuring your home is built to the highest standards.

Resale Value Considerations

 We understand the importance of future-proofing your investment. Our builds are designed not only to fulfil your current desires but also to be appealing and valuable in the future market.

Local Expertise

Our deep roots and understanding of the Bundaberg area mean we bring not just construction expertise but also a profound knowledge of local conditions, ensuring your home is perfect for its environment.

Decision-Making Support

 With our extensive experience in Bundaberg, we offer not just construction services but a partnership, committed to realising the home of your dreams.

Choosing the Right Builder

 With our extensive experience in Bundaberg, we offer not just construction services but a partnership, committed to realising the home of your dreams.

Your aspirations for a perfect home are valid and achievable. Book a Free Discovery Session to explore how we can turn your dream into a reality, ensuring every aspect of your knockdown rebuild is exactly as you envision.

How We Make Your Knockdown Rebuild Vision a Reality

Since 2007, Norm Wales Constructions has been turning knockdown rebuild dreams into reality for families and individuals in Bundaberg. We understand the unique nature of these projects and approach them with the same commitment and detail as we do with custom homes. Here's how we stand apart:

Transparent, Fixed Pricing

Our contracts clearly outline all expenses, ensuring no hidden surprises. We believe in honesty from the start, so you can plan your finances with confidence.

Customization at Its Core

 Unlike builders who repeat standard designs, we embrace the challenge of creating something unique, tailored to your preferences and lifestyle.

Organised and Efficient

 Our meticulous planning means we invest a significant amount of time (often 100 hours in planning alone) organising your project before starting. Every material and trade is scheduled in advance, ensuring a smooth, efficient building process.

Clear and Consistent Communication

We take time to understand exactly what you want. And we keep you informed with weekly updates (including progress photos) so you’re always in the loop. You will feel part of, and enjoy, the building process.

Stability and Experience

 Labour shortages and rising material costs are causing many builders to go broke. It’s sad for these builders and their families. And even worse for their clients who are left with half-finished homes. Yet in most cases, these tragedies are totally avoidable. The answer is a combination of honest upfront pricing, organisation to ensure all building materials and trades are locked in before building begins, and proven processes to keep everything on time. We’ve been building in the Bundaberg region for more than 26 years. And we’re just getting started! 

Honest About Everything

Sadly, many builders struggle to tell the truth these days. They often avoid answering questions. They give incomplete information. And sometimes they simply lie. When you ask us a question, you’ll get a straight answer (even if it’s not what you want to hear). And when we say we’ll do something, you’ll be sure it will be done. Because our word is our word. Our name (and reputation) is part of every home we build.

Supreme Attention To Detail

For too many builders, close enough is good enough. After all, most things can be covered with plaster and paint. But not us. We take pride in every aspect of our craft. You can be sure your home will be structurally solid and flawlessly finished.  

Free Expert Advice: Have questions?

Our Free Discovery Session offers personalised guidance and insights from our extensive experience in building custom homes and managing knockdown rebuilds.

Your knockdown rebuild journey should be as rewarding as the outcome. Let's discuss how we can bring your dream home to life in your ideal location.

What Other Norm Wales Clients Say About Their Knockdown Rebuild Custom Home Experience

Colin and Pamela

When looking to build our new home, we spoke to several builders but after speaking with Norm Wales Constructions, we were convinced this was the company that would deliver us…

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Paul and Regan Robinson

We began the building process with Norm when living overseas. He was the only builder to contact us personally within a very short time over the phone.

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James and Pia Mason

Retirement plan in action, we purchased a great block only a 10min walk from the beach. Block secured and land Title received- we now needed a local builder to take on the task to build…

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Fahran and Sabrina

James and Pia

Are You Starting To Picture Your Dream Home?

Seeing it as you enter your street, pull into your driveway, and arrive home to the house you’ve always wanted. Relaxing in front of the TV, with a book, or sleeping in on a Saturday. Important conversations around the kitchen and around the dinner table.

Little feet running, skipping, jumping, kicking. Too quickly turning into big feet as you mark the years (and centimetres) on your family height chart.

Entertaining friends – proud to share your home with those closest – revelling in the experiences you enjoy together.

Everything designed for you and your family – the reading nook, study alcove, basketball court… come soccer field… come cricket pitch as the seasons (and years) change.

The memories that mark the most important things in your life. In your home.


The Advantage of Engaging Us Early


Engaging Norm Wales Constructions early in your knockdown rebuild project offers significant benefits.

By involving us from the outset, especially when existing features like sheds, pools, or landscaping are present on the block, we can strategically plan to preserve and incorporate these elements.

This approach not only maintains the character and assets of your property but also saves you considerable costs. Instead of unnecessary removals, we focus on salvaging and utilising what's already there, ensuring a seamless integration with your new home, balancing cost-effectiveness with the preservation of valuable features.

The Fastest, Most Straightforward Path to Your Dream Home

Navigating the world of building can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to a knockdown rebuild.

To streamline this process and offer you clarity, we’d like to invite you to a Free Discovery Session. It’s the most efficient way to get personalised, accurate information for your specific project:

  • Your Questions Answered: Bring your queries and get direct, honest responses that align with your vision.
  • Current Design Trends: Gain insights into the latest trends and potential pitfalls in home design.
  • Clear Vision and Confidence: Receive expert guidance to refine your ideas and solidify your plans.
  • Costs and Timelines Explained: Get a clear understanding of the financial and time investment involved.
  • Choosing the Right Builder: Learn key questions to ask to find the builder that’s right for you.

Your session will be with Norm Wales himself, who has 26+ years of experience in the Bundaberg custom home industry.

Whether you decide to work with us or not, this session is designed to set you on the right path toward building your dream home.

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