Why You Should Build With A Custom Home Builder


We consider ourselves a custom home builder. We work with you, we don’t just want client’s, but we want to develop and build relationships to encourage repeat business, referrals and word of mouth advertising.

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Display Homes

Custom Home Builders generally don’t have specific display homes, you can view other’s builder’s display homes, search the internet, visit supply shops also inspect the custom builder’s previous works and put together what you like.

Design and Layout

Custom Builders customize to suit your needs and budget. A benefit of a custom builder is you select exactly what you want and put together in your house. Also, will help you with the design and layout of your home therefore, making sure you get the correct result as they are tailored to each client. Another benefit of getting your own plans drawn is that Custom Home Builders allow you to keep copyright of your own plans.



Custom Home Builders are comparable to other builders. Custom Builders quote each project individually, either based on what you want or based on budget and the builder can show you where to save in certain areas such as; suggest design options, cheaper materials – tiles or carpet options and also fixtures and fitting options.

Cost of Building (in general)

This is another area where Custom Builders are comparable. The cost of building seems expensive whichever way you go, however the cost goes into unseen things, such as foundations, framing, engineering, council fees, plumbing and electrical etc. Custom Builders usually get multiple quotes from various sub-contractors to ensure the cost of the trades is the best possible.

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Am I Getting Ripped Off


Inclusions / Exclusions

Custom Builders are fully flexible and can do what you like, from a fully complete turnkey home, or a lock-up only contract and any stage in between. If you know a tiler, plumber, electrician or painter you want to engage, a custom builder can accommodate this.

Complexity of the Build (sloping block, narrow block)

Custom Builders normally accept such work and factors into the quote the added issues to give a true price indication to the client at the start. The Custom Builder has the flexibility to engage an architect and engineer to come up with a suitable and appropriate home on any land condition ensuring it is compliant with building codes.

Site Meetings

Most Custom Builders arrange to meet with clients on site during the building works. This allows the relationship to remain open and allows the client to track the progress of work.

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