Why Should I Never Trust A Builder Who Does Not Call Back?

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Have you made a phone call to a builder, left a message or sent an email and are still waiting for a return call???

There is nothing more frustrating than people not returning your call or messages. Whether you get a call back from a home builder says a lot about how they run their business and how you will be treated. Your time is valuable, and you would be more likely to have a smooth home building experience with someone who responds promptly to your enquiry.

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Anyone who communicates promptly is one who efficiently returns phone call, messages and emails and this is the least that you would expect from a builder. Unfortunately, some builders have given the industry a poor reputation purely because of their poor communication skills. Calling someone back is not hard to do and by the way it is just good manners!

You would assume if the builder that you are still waiting for a return call from shows poor communication skills with potential clients, then they are probably not good at communicating with their contractors and staff on the building site. This can result in a disorganised job site and make the experience of building a new home not so enjoyable for you. Poor communication can lead to delays, mistakes and turn what is meant to be a stress-free and enjoyable experience into an absolute nightmare.

One of the biggest reasons why builders do not get back to you is that they are operating blind, with no systems or organisational structures in place. Builders who take the time to run a tight business with organisational systems in place are much more likely to do a good job building your home. Gone are the days of being able to run a well organised building company with a diary alone. It’s not that hard to make a note to call someone back or to structure part of the working week to devote to writing quotes and discussing upcoming jobs with potential new clients. These are signs of an organised builder and one that you should look for to build your new home.

So how can you ensure that your building experience is not going to be a nightmare? Best to look for a builder who has proven communication systems in place. Systems that allow the client to keep well informed at all times. A system that allows you to keep track of every discussion, selection, variation and cost.

So, what might happen if you choose a builder who is a poor communicator? There are number of things that may arise if you choose a builder who does not communicate effectively. 

An unenjoyable building experience

Building a home is one of the biggest investments that you will make, both financially and emotionally. You deserve to be kept informed right throughout the building process. When you are kept informed of what is happening, then you feel more comfortable and are able to sit back, relax and enjoy the experience. Choose a builder who is a poor communicator then expect to be kept in the dark with what is happening on your home and be prepared to not hear from your builder for extended periods of time.

Unsatisfactory outcome

During the building process a builder will aware that there may be changes made by the client along the way. These variation requests and changes need to be communicated to the relevant tradespeople to ensure they are completed as you the client envisaged. A builder who communicates effectively will have systems in place to ensure that these changes are recorded, approved and communicated effectively to ensure that misunderstandings are not made. Communication systems ensure that conversations are tracked and recorded to ensure nothing is ever missed and that your home is completed on time.

Blowing your budget

Effective systems of communication enable you to keep track of your budget throughout the entire build. You do not want a surprise on the final invoice, something that disorganised builders are renowned for. By engaging a builder who uses project management systems you are able to view all costs along the way, minimising any surprises or budget blowouts!

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You could end up with this unfinished home. That is why you can never trust a builder that does not call back!

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