Why Is Your Relationship With Your Builder So Important?

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Whether you are currently renovating your existing home or building your new home from scratch, your relationship with your builder is essential.

Throughout these processes, it can be a stressful time but luckily you have the professional knowledge and experience to call on with a builder but sadly not everyone utilizes this relationship.

Why is it so important?

Ultimately, the builder or site manager is the person that you will talk to every single day. Since they are in charge of the day-to-day activities, they will be the ones answering your questions when you are unsure of a topic or adhering to any requests you might have. Although you will talk to other people from the building company throughout the process – for example, you might talk to a manager when first approaching the company or even a receptionist – you can’t call these people with questions. Instead, it will be the builder on site who is looking after your home.

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There needs to be clear lines of communication between the two of you and it works both ways. As well as you asking them questions, they might need to contact you at some point and this open atmosphere will allow that to take place.

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When you have a good relationship with your builder, you won’t feel bad about interrupting them to ask questions and this gives you peace of mind. Instead of letting the building team do their own thing, you might have requests and suddenly it becomes a joint project. When this occurs, you can have some input into the building work because they will want to make you happy.

When the relationship between the builder and yourself is poor, immediately, you both start to pull in different directions.

When it comes to interior design and the finer details, you can’t discuss your wishes in depth and you don’t get the best possible result. Ultimately, this is a huge shame although it happens rarely but if it does occur, the solution is simple, and we have a handful of tips for you in just a moment.

As you can see, the relationship between yourself and the builder is vital. If you have a good relationship, they will be happy to help whenever it is required, and this means that all requests you have will be taken care of sooner rather than later and the experience will be great.

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Tips – We have a couple of tips before we go, and it starts with clear communication. From the very top, you should be clear with what you need, and they will do the same in return. If you aren’t clear and the builders are forced to go back on their work, this will have things off to an awful start. Most important, you should never just assume when asking a question, it is so easy to do.

Finally, we believe that every builder should have their own input because they won’t enjoy being so shackled that they can’t express their creativity. When working with them, ask for their opinions because they will have seen projects just like yours before. As long as you can do this, you will see great results in return!

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