What Mistakes Do I Avoid When Building A New Home


Under Estimating Site Works Costs:

Some builders underestimate site work costs to reduce the overall price and win the job. The Clients end up paying thousands more than allowed in the contract. Always ask for a detailed breakdown of the site works provisional sum and get a second opinion if you are having any doubts.

Unrealistic Construction Time Frame:

Many companies are often trying to manage too many builds at once. This doesn’t allow them time to manage trades and effectively control quality. While this is going on projects will blow out well and truly beyond their construction time frame. So, ask the builder how many projects they have going on at the same time.

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Misunderstanding Dimensions on Plans:

Floor dimensions and floor areas can be calculated in different ways and builders often indicate floor areas to give the appearance that their design is larger than their competitors. Room dimensions can be taken from the middle or the edge of the wall and total dimensions may or may not be the areas under the eaves. Beware of this when comparing designs.

Shop around for Finance:

People shop around when looking for the right builder but don’t look around for a good mortgage broker. Mortgage brokers have access to many different lenders, so it’s worth speaking to your bank and a couple of brokers to get an idea of the range of finance solutions that are available for you.

“Turnkey” Doesn’t Always Mean “Turnkey”:

A true “Turnkey” house should be ready to live in as soon as it is completed. Unfortunately, some companies advertise a product as “turnkey” but without all necessary items. Ask for a breakdown of all inclusions and make sure everything you need is included in the turnkey package.

Understand The Area You are Buying In:

Choosing a good location will add to your investment. On the other hand, choosing a poor growth and rental area will affect your return when it comes time to sell or rent it out.

Be Aware of Comparing Apples to Oranges When Shopping for House Design:

It is exceedingly difficult to compare houses from different builders to determine which is better value for money. There are so many differences between quotes from one builder to another, at the end of the day, pick the design you like and is within your budget.

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compare apples to oranges

Display Home Inclusions:

When visiting display homes, ask what the display price does and doesn’t include. Pay particular attention to the inclusions and don’t be shy to ask for a total price.

Making Expensive Structural Changes:

Making changes to a builder’s standard house design can cost you big dollars in drafting and construction. The best way to keep costs down is to shop around until you find a design you like or one that only requires minimal changes or work with a Custom Builder. Remember, research only costs you, your time. If you try and avoid some or all of the above situations you should enjoy your build and have a hassle free experience.

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