Buying A New Home vs Buying An Old Home

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Property is one of the most critical investments you will ever make. That is why it is wise to spend plenty of time and energy on searching for a property that ticks all the boxes, before you make any financial commitments.

The most important things to consider are usually the location, affordability, securing finance and deciding if you should buy an existing home or build a new home- which is often the hardest. We believe that building new is the right way to go. Have a look why.

Ultimate Customisation

Are you searching for a certain layout, style or finish? When you build a new property. You have the convenience to start with a blank slate and can create what you want from the beginning. When you build, you have the flexibility to pick everything from the location, the block, the home’s design and the most important details such as- wall colours, landscaping and customised fittings. Unfortunately, most existing homes will require many costly changes, renovations and remodelling to turn them into your perfect investment.

Low Maintenance

The older a property, the more care it requires to keep it in a top condition. Small issues need to be fixed on a regular basis before they become difficult and or costly to repair. Everything in a newly built home is brain new, which means it will likely require basically nothing when it comes to repairs and maintenance. Another pro is that a new property will be under warranty and if anything is faulty early on, the repairs or replacement should be fully covered.

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The Safest & Healthier Choice

When you build new you are far less likely to face issues such as -toxic materials, mould, damp, lead paint, asbestos or even allergies which can affect an owner’s health and wellbeing. With new energy saving standards being improved throughout modern appliances, your new property should also have better heating, cooling and ventilation products, which is not only good for occupants but for the health of the environment as well.

Get The Best Technology

The latest building trends are all moving forwards into smart technology and ultimately changing homes into smart homes. Not only is the new technology convenient and exciting, it can make a huge difference to the efficiency of a property and drastically reduce utility bills. Your builder should be able to give you options to choose modern advanced, building materials, (which are usually more durable, safer and easier to maintain) as well as choice of technology for your new appliances, heating/cooling and safety products.

Future value

A brand new home should already have a higher value than an older but similar home from the start but when you build you also have the power to choose every detail of the home with future value in mind. This means that can choose design features like a stylish elevation, open floor plans, ensuite bathrooms, high ceilings and alfresco’s which will be highly desirable to future tenants or buyers.

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