What Is The Most Cost Effective? A Concrete Slab or Stumps?


Concrete Slab

Homes built on a concrete slab foundation generally achieve higher energy ratings because of the insulation provided by the concrete. In addition, Homes built on a concrete slab foundation usually cost less than the same Home built on stumps. This is due mainly to construction of the stumps and sub floor framing is very labour intensive. Sometimes you also need to factor in the external wall material will be extra, calculating in the extra height of the stumps around the perimeter of the house.

Homes built on a concrete foundation are generally considered more solid and less susceptible to movement within the building. The concrete slab acts as a protective barrier between the ground and the frame of the structure, protecting your home from moisture and barring insects. Concrete also acts as an effective heat and fire insulator it is extremely fire resistant and reduces the spread of flames.

Homes built on a concrete foundation are generally easily accessible for handicapped and older aged people as they are usually built closer to the ground.

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Stumps still have a place as a foundation option for homes where the floor level is raised above natural ground level, this may be to capitalise on views or to meet a minimum flood level requirement. In these situations, it may be more cost and labour effective to build on stumps, rather than fill the site to raise the slab level. Stumps are more appropriate than concrete slabs in areas where the soil is more reactive because they can be adjusted to compensate for settling. A house on stumps will allow more air flow around and under the building. Running additional power and water may be easier as you can access under the house. Also, the thought of an additional storage area under the house may come to mind if the requirements suit.

Floors on stumps are generally more comfortable to walk on as it doesn’t rest on a concrete hard surface. Polished floors also offer that natural timber look.

A house on stumps is also resistant to any termite issues because it is off the ground. Any infestations can be easily checked and removed.

Also renovations can be done without the need for removal of the foundation. You can add additional decks around whole house if you wish without too much trouble capturing all-natural surroundings

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