Thinking Of Building Your New home? Do You Need An Architect To Design Your Home?


Well, the short answer is no.

Home designers, architects and interior designers are more than capable of improving your final product however their services are not always necessary – especially if your home builder already has a diversified, in-house team.

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If You Choose to Work With An Architect

You may have an existing relationship with an architect or a new home designer that already knows your style or can better translate your ideas into a final design.

That is absolutely fine! We want you to get the home that best suits you. Your builder shouldn’t have any issues working with your architect.

Keeping An Eye on the Bottom Line

There is, of course, one big drawback to working with an architect: cost. Working with a home builder exclusively, during your planning stages will likely save you money on drafting, plans, and any necessary revisions.

Architects and home designers can bring a lot of value to your custom new home but they might be entirely focused on the “concept” or “design” and completely unaware of how their design and material choices are going to impact you bottom line.

That’s not the case when you choose to work with a builder on your custom new home.
A homebuilder acting as both designer and contractor is perfectly situated to keep an eye on cost. They have an extensive knowledge of which types of designs and materials will push you past your budget.

They should be more than capable to guide you towards a custom design that fits your plans, personality and your budget.

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