How It Works

How we achieve the impossible

As the saying goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and much like Rome, your home is going to take a little time and more than a little effort.

Although the process of designing and building your dream home will undoubtedly have some hiccups along the way, we’ve put a system in place to keep them to a minimum. Remove the red line

Our goal is to take all the pain and stress out of every project by taking the time to perfectly streamline the entire build into a few manageable steps.

As for the actual build, it works somewhat like this:

The Call

It all starts with a call where we ask one simple question – what are you looking for? This is where you can start telling us of your new home, extension or remodelling project.

This gives a clear initial indication of your project’s scope and what your expectations may be. And from here we can also arrange when our first all-important meeting will take place.

The Meeting

In one detail-oriented meeting we will cover everything we need to know about the project: your block, budget, expectations, style, concepts, and project potential.

For both extensions and new homes we give you a chance to choose between our pre-drafted plans, your own plans or to create plans from scratch.

In the case of those seeking to create new plans from scratch, this will also be our chance to obtain every detail our draftspeople will need in order to create the right plans for you. As a plus, this meeting can occur on your freshly bought block, in our office or on the site of one of our own in-process builds, where you can see what exactly it is we do.

The Quote

By not working to a strict per-square-metre pricing structure, we are able to give our quotes greater degree of flexibility and affordability.

Each quote will cover a general figure as well as specific details of all particulars of the build, including your unique inclusions and exemptions.

By tailoring every quote specifically to the individual project, we can better guarantee that you are paying no more or less than you should for what it is you want to achieve.

The Meeting

With your quote approved, we can proceed with signing contracts, conducting soil and energy efficiency tests, as well as having all elements assessed by our draftsperson, certified by a trusted private certifier, and approved by the council.

As much as possible, we aim to decrease the amount of hassle on your end by seeing to all the red tape, approvals and paperwork.

The Build

With everything approved and ready, we can start on your project. From day one you can rely on us to be prompt, honest, efficient, professional and focused; we are there to do a job to the highest professional standards and nothing less.

At all stages of the project we will keep you fully informed of our progress, and will keep you in the loop about any recommendations, delays or any other essential details.

From one stage to the next we welcome your input, taking on suggestions and changes with little fuss; this includes ongoing inspections of the home where you can outline the likes of lighting fixtures, tap fixtures, power points, etc.

The Handover

When the build stage project is completed, we will walk you through all aspects of the final result. This is our chance to ensure that what has been constructed is a clear and effective realisation of the plans that we agreed upon together.

Working with the situation

Having worked in the industry for so long, we understand that whether it is a new home, extension or remodelling project, no two jobs are alike.

And while we have developed an approach and a process that allows us to more effectively handle the little details and road bumps in each and every build, we do our best to work within the specific confines of the job at hand, doing everything we can to make the most of any opportunity and solve any dilemma.

The bulk of our approach and process is guided by and approved of by the Masters Builders Association.

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