Have You Been Thinking About Renovating, Is This The Right Choice For You?

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The Answers To All Your Questions

When should I consider a reno?

When your home no longer suits your needs or style, it can be tempting to consider a renovation rather than a new build.

There are circumstances where renovating is the right choice. If your home is structurally sound and you like the layout and only want small changes then renovating is the way to go. However, if your home is older and doesn’t suits your needs then it’s time to rebuild.

A Few Points To Consider When Renovating

  • Are you compromising the way you really want your home to look and feel?
  • Are you sacrificing the opportunity to gain better views, energy efficiency’s and structure?
  • Are you going to make many changes and are you going to be able to live in the house while it is getting renovated?

Draw up some plans, and consider what often starts out as a great idea can take ages to complete.

  • What about the idea of living in amongst building materials and ongoing mess while renovating?
  • What about the time getting quotes and managing trade whilst renovating?
  • Your budget, extensive renovations are not cheap.
  • How much extra life will a renovation add to your home?
  • Is the financial value of your home important to you?

The choice between renovating and rebuilding, comes down to two factors, mainly sentiment and finances. If these two factors don’t depict your situation than a new build will offer the perfect solution.

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A Few Home Truths About Renovating…

If you really want the truth about renovating you may want to keep reading;  if you’re planning an extensive renovation with lots of structural changes it can be definitely  cheaper to start from scratch. It relates largely to renovations being unique to the individual home, and renovations that are time consuming and labour intensive.

Brand new homes can be built quickly using systems and modern materials that maximise efficiency and save time on new builds. One of the upsides of building a new home is you can ask your builder for a Fixed Price Contract.

7 Things You Must Know Before Designing a New Home

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