Are you considering signing a building contract for your new home?


Before you do, there is some vital information you must know first. In this article, we will show you what to look for in a building schedule BEFORE you sign and lock yourself into a legal contract.

When it comes to building your new home, there are numerous things you need to look out for in your contract, mainly a Building Schedule. Nobody wants to get mucked around by builders that don’t know what they are doing. Spotting a professional builder in the past has not been easy and for the builders there will be clients that want a professional job done – on time, quickly and on a budget! There are 3 main problems that can occur with builders and schedules for your new home.

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Problem 1 – Most builders just don’t prepare schedules

The first problem you might come across is that you do not even have a schedule to look over. Did you know that most builders do not plan their Jobs! These builders don’t take the time to draft up a schedule for you before you sign a contract.

The reason why these builders don’t do this are simple. For starters, making a building schedule is very time consuming. Builders have a lot to think about and often juggle a few different jobs at a time, not to mention the number of different quotes they are working on at the same time.

The other familiar reason that builders don’t give you a schedule is that a lot were simply never trained to do it! Creating a building schedule that coordinates the hundreds of different tasks that need to happen on site is a pretty troublesome job, especially for more complicated homes. When you take into consideration that your builder may have several other jobs under way at the same time, writing schedules becomes a painful task.

Say you’ve found the builder you want, who has provided you with contract to sign. Just be sure to get a work schedule as well. A lot of builders will not stick to the schedule, let alone have one prepared with the contact. As we know, building sites are a busy place and unexpected issues can often pop up. It’s much better for you if your builder provides you with a building work schedule with your contract.

You must request on seeing a building schedule for your job. If any builder says that they will only provide it after the contract is signed, beware this is a clear sign of a disorganised builder that is putting off the planning of your new home.

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Problem 2 – Builders without a schedule take longer

You could come across builders that avoid the issue of a fixed handover date. Some builders don’t take the time to order their materials and organise their subcontractors in advance which leads to delays on your home, additional costs and they have no real idea when your new home will be completed.

The easiest way you can avoid these builders is to…

Use a builder that uses project management software to run their jobs. Project management software helps your builder to keep things running smoothly & organised. Their software automatically discloses subcontractors and suppliers of cut off times, so even if your builder forgets, the materials & labour will still turn up on time.

Before you sign anything, ask your builder about the last 3 jobs they have completed. Did they stick to the building schedule? or did they run on time? It’s also a good idea to ask for references to see for yourself. Most builders will provide you with testimonials from previous clients, without hesitation.

Problem 3 – Insufficient communication during the build, whether it’s online or in person.

An accepted issue with building is the delays faced because of selections. Your selections must be completed within a certain time frame to avoid delaying your project even more!

Having a work schedule will allow a builder to set a deadline for each selection item and get everything they need to assemble for it.

It also holds you liable, as you need to be organised to keep things moving on time. Selecting before these dates is best for everyone – you’ll get the job done according to schedule and your builder won’t have to add any variation charges and request an extension of time!

Therefore, remember to choose a builder that has your selection choices linked to their job schedule. That way you can disclose your final choices by the date that the builder needs them. It’s rare that everything is finalised at the time of your contract signing however a builder’s online software can allow you a clear way to communicate how You want the job done.

Recognising a job schedule before you sign your contract will put your mind at rest as you will be aware you are dealing with a Professional Builder that will help you to get the job done on time and exactly how you want it. Your new home will be completed on time and you will also have a more peaceful experience with your builder.

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