Why You Can Never Trust A Square Metre Rate!

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Most people base the cost of their new home on a square metre rate, and you can never, ever trust that. You’ve got to take into account the difference in designs, otherwise you’re bound to go over budget. There’s all sorts of factors that go into the cost of something other than size or square metres and when it comes to building your new custom home, this applies even more so.

Think about it, your average home has hundreds of different components. What’s more, all of these materials come in different qualities, and the way they are assembled into a finished house can vary greatly in attention to detail and quality.

Sadly, many people don’t consider these factors, and it can lead to heartache after the design is complete and you take it to a builder only to find out it is way over your budget. You can’t afford to build the home.

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Have You Been Wasting All Your Time and Tens of Thousands of Dollars on an Unworkable Design?

It’s far more common than you think, but you can avoid it by involving a professional builder in the design process.

  • Be realistic in your expectations and make sure your budget is updated after each significant change.
  • Make sure you dig into the details to see exactly what you’re getting.

For instance, one builder might charge you $1,000 per square metre while another’s price may be $1,700 a square metre. Does that mean the second home builder is ripping you off? Not until you look into the details, truth is revealed…

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You May be Comparing Apples With Bananas

Keep in mind, simple changes to design can have a significant impact on the price. Compare these two designs for example:

house blueprinthouse blueprint 1They look much the same, right? Both have an internal area of 200 square metres. In fact, it’s hard to tell which one will cost more at first sight. However when you dig a little deeper, you’ll discover the second house has a 78% greater wall area and will require more guttering, bricks and metres of gyprock. What’s more, it will need at least several more litres of paint, and will likely have more windows and doors.

Yes, every house design is different. Some are square, some are ‘L’ shaped… and others have a variety of shapes and angles. So while 5 different houses may contain the same number of square metres, the amount of building materials required for the homes can vary significantly based on the shape.

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The bottom line

Don’t fall into the trap of comparing house prices via square metre rates. Quite frankly, there are too many variables – and you may end up with a banana when you really wanted an apple.

There is a very specific process to designing your home without going over budget, and avoiding all the traps. In fact, there are seven questions you should ask your builder before committing to anything.

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