James and Pia Mason

Such an Amazing start to our journey – Part 1

Retirement plan in action, we purchased a great block only a 10min walk from the beach. Block secured and land Title received- we now needed a local builder to take on the task to build our new home, with the added challenge, we live a four-and-a-half-hour drive away from our newly purchased block.

We Googled local builders and called a couple that reviewed well, leaving answer phone messages to call back when available. We weren’t expecting any replies as it was a Sunday – then a few minutes later Norm Wales, of Norm Wales Constructions sent me a text apologising for missing the call and would call back in 10mins. We were amazed.

Sure enough, 10 mins later Norm was calling back- and straight after that initial call with Norm- we both knew that this was the Builder that was going to bring our retirement plan to life. So passionate, knowledgeable and professional. It was just the way he made us feel, easy, in making one of the biggest decisions of our life, entrusting someone with our life savings, to realise our dream, which we had worked so hard for.

Norm scheduled a meeting to discuss our plans, our must haves, our maybes and the outline of our Custom design home began to form. This was great- Someone that was actually listening to what we had to say (a rare quality these days) yet offering advice and options along the way that could save us money and keep us close to our budget.

My wife drew up a plan of our Custom home and after a few adjustments and tweaks with some great advice from Norm and from Draughtsman, Peter Arnold, our Custom- build- home- drawing-plan was finalised and signed. The great communication and rapid responses from Norm’s Team are outstanding. This really is Customer Centric at its best.

The amazing journey just keeps getting better – We have just completed the selection process organised and scheduled by Michelle Wales, upbeat, positive, always happy and supportive.

We were really excited – we had meetings with the Cabinet maker (exceptional), The Flooring Company, The Tiling company, Appliance suppliers, Tapware & bathroom Supplier, doors windows, paints etc to make all our selections- and each and every one of them, made us feel special, gave great advice and were so helpful. This was shaping into a great experience indeed.

From these selection appointments with each supplier, I picked up on one of Norms secrets of success- Set the bar high and surround yourself with great people, who are talented, great at their jobs and completely Customer focused, and they will take you there.

Another thing I noted from all the Suppliers- they all mentioned the high bench mark Norm sets for them and his expectations for them to deliver to his set schedules – You can easily see from the outset how super-organised and passionate Norm is – and I completely believe -He builds every home as if it were his own.

After our selections were made, Michelle was quick to follow up with all her suppliers and send us the adjusted building contract with rebates and variances from our selections, followed by the schedule of works for our new Custom home. If you want great communication, rapid responses and ACTION, Norm Wales Construction is way out in front.

At a time when people are so quick to moan and complain- I really want everyone to know of the great experience we are having to date with the Norm Wales Team – I want to shout from the roof top that’s not built yet, what an amazing journey we have started on and we can’t wait for the rest of the ride, the slab gets started next month- the very foundation of our dreams.

Bring it on Norm Wales, we feel truly blessed, we found the best!

James & Pia Mason

Journey – Part 2 – Best Xmas present of all.

Our predicted handover date when we signed our contract with Norm Wales was mid Feb 2023, but we were faced with a dilemma- We were renting in Brisbane while building and our rental end of lease date was end of December 2022.

We asked Norm if he could help with an early handover date, delivering before Xmas 2022 and he advised he would do everything in his power to help us but there are many pieces to the puzzle so could not guarantee it.

Norm and his team pulled it out of the bag, can you believe it, when we were hearing all around from friends in Brisbane, house handover dates were getting pushed out by many builders due to shortages of building materials and lack of trade labour!

Norm Wales & his Team gave us the best Xmas present of all, handing over our defect free home 19th December 2022 a full two months ahead of schedule.

We are so delighted with our new custom-built home, it’s better than we could ever have imagined, we believe Norm Wales truly does build every home as if it was his own!

5 stars plus to Norm Wales Construction and his Team, we cannot express enough, how grateful we are and what an amazing experience the whole build-journey has been from initial meetings with Norm Wales to handover.

We had never built new before, as we had been advised that building can be a very scary experience and many things could go wrong, but not with Norm Wales, everything ran smoothly and much easier than we had expected.

Yes, we are truly blessed, we did find the BEST.

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Norm Wales

Norm’s discipline continued as he excelled in his trade, gaining valuable experience that enabled him to begin his own building company. With a philosophy of constant improvement, Norm developed processes for every aspect of his business.

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