Get a ‘Zero Dead Zone’ Granny Flat or Studio Where the Space is Customised to Your Lifestyle

Built With Precision And Pride, Completed On Time, On Budget, And On Point

Transparent Fixed Pricing With No Nasty Surprises So You Can Plan Your Finances With Certainty

Local Award-Winning Builder With 26+ Years Experience In The Bundaberg Region

Supreme Attention To Detail So Your Home Looks Better, Lasts Longer And Is Sort-After At Resale

Contrary to what the name suggests, granny flats aren’t just for the elderly.
Sure, we’ve helped clients like the Proctor family, who transformed their backyard into a charming retreat for their parents, combining the warmth of family with the independence of a personal sanctuary.

However perhaps you’re envisioning:

  • A cosy retreat for teenagers
  • A compact and stylish residence for a university student
  • Or a comfortable space for a young couple to stay in order to save money, until they can afford their dream home

Either way, we can create a granny flat that reflects your personality and fits your lifestyle perfectly.

Our Granny Flats and Studio Homes are Far from Standard

Every inch is thoughtfully designed to maximise usability and comfort, ensuring there are no wasted spaces – only smart, functional living areas that cater to your every need.

Take the Proctor for instance. By selecting a customised design, it had a positive impact on their lives. 

“Our custom-designed granny flat didn't just give us extra space; it brought our family closer. It's our favourite spot for sunny Sunday brunches and has become the heart of our home."

What’s more, each granny flat showcases the same level of detail, finish, and craftsmanship as our larger custom homes - and can incorporate everything from recessed cabinets, study benches, pull out pantries and fold down retractable ironing boards.

You won’t just get a structure…


You’ll Receive a Granny Flat Brimming With Character and Style, Designed to Stand the Test of Time

Our approach to granny flat design is far from one-size-fits-all. We recognize that every client, like every block of land, has its unique character and requirements. This is where our expertise shines.

  • Design That Compliments Your Land. Your land is unique, and so should be the granny flat on it. We specialise in crafting designs that not only blend seamlessly with your existing property but also make the best use of the available space. Whether it's maximising garden views, ensuring privacy, or integrating with the local environment, our designs are thoughtfully conceived to enhance both aesthetics and functionality.
  • Functionality Meets Beauty. We go beyond aesthetics. Our designs are about creating spaces that are as functional as they are beautiful. From clever storage solutions to optimising living spaces for comfort and usability, every aspect of our design is aimed at enhancing your day-to-day living experience.
  • Your Vision, Our Expertise. Each granny flat we design is a collaborative journey. We take the time to understand your vision, lifestyle, and preferences. Combining your ideas with our architectural expertise and understanding of local regulations, we ensure the final design is not just visually appealing but also practical and compliant.
  • The Norm Wales Guarantee: Quality and Personalization. With a Norm Wales granny flat, you’re not just adding a space; you're creating an extension of your home that reflects your taste and meets your specific needs. It’s about quality, personalization, and design excellence – a signature of every space we create.

A Smart Investment Opportunity

In today's real estate market, savvy investors are always looking for innovative ways to maximise their returns. A custom granny flat on your property isn't just a home; it's a smart investment opportunity. Here's why:

  • Subsidised Income and Increased Property Value. Imagine leveraging your existing property to generate additional income. With a custom granny flat, you can offer a desirable rental space or an Airbnb getaway, turning your property into a more lucrative asset. The rental income can subsidise your mortgage or add to your financial freedom.
  • A Win-Win Investment. Our expertly designed granny flats are more than just an income source; they enhance the overall value of your property. With our supreme attention to detail and commitment to quality, your investment is not just safe; it's poised to grow.
  • Tailored for Rental Success. We understand the rental market dynamics and design granny flats that appeal to a broad range of tenants. Whether it's a cosy retreat for a small family, a functional space for young professionals, or a comfortable haven for retirees, our designs cater to diverse tenant needs, making your property a sought-after rental choice.
  • Your Partner in Property Investment. At Norm Wales Constructions, we offer more than just building services. We partner with you to create a profitable investment strategy using granny flats. Let's explore how your property can become a significant contributor to your investment portfolio.
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All the Stress is Removed From the Process

It's common to feel apprehensive about embarking on a granny flat project, especially when you've heard disheartening stories of construction gone wrong. We recognise these concerns and are committed to ensuring our clients never face such disappointments. Here's how we address common worries in every granny flat project:

Worried About Budget Overruns and Hidden Costs?

You deserve transparency and honesty in pricing. At Norm Wales Constructions, we include all costs in our contracts upfront (unlike some builders who lower you in with low initial quotes, but exclude essential costs like soil testing and engineering reports). This means you'll know exactly what you're getting and the total investment required - no hidden fees, no unpleasant surprises.

Afraid Your Granny Flat Will Take Longer Than Promised?

We understand the importance of timely completion. Our efficient processes and experienced team ensure your granny flat is finished on time and on budget. This allows you to plan your life and finances with certainty, knowing your project is in reliable hands.

Concerned About Being Left in the Dark?

Communication is key. We keep you informed at every stage of the building process, ensuring there are no misunderstandings or frustrating errors. You'll always be in the loop with clear updates including progress photos, so you understand exactly what is happening with your granny flat.

Nervous About Subpar Materials and Workmanship?

Quality is our hallmark. We use only the best materials and employ skilled workmanship to ensure your granny flat is structurally sound and beautifully finished. Our commitment to quality guarantees a space that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

Worried About Future Resale Value?

We build granny flats that are not just perfect for you now but also attractive to future buyers. Our designs ensure that your investment is both a personal haven and a wise financial decision.

Concerned About Local Area Knowledge?

Being a local Bundaberg builder, we have an in-depth understanding of the area. Our team consists of local suppliers and trade professionals who know the coastal conditions well and provide products that are proven to withstand them.

Anxious About Making Decisions?

Building a granny flat involves many choices, and it can be overwhelming. We guide you through each step, offering our expertise to help you make informed decisions with confidence.

Unsure How to Choose the Right Builder?

With over 26 years of experience in the Bundaberg region, Norm Wales Constructions is a name you can trust. Our proven track record and personal commitment are your assurances of receiving the exact granny flat you desire, delivered on time and within budget.

We understand the unique concerns that come with building a granny flat. That's why we offer a Free Discovery Session to share our expertise, answer your questions, and help you embark on this journey with clarity and confidence.

How We Help You Get The Custom Granny Flat You Want

Since 2007, we've helped numerous Bundaberg families and retirees realise their dream granny flats – delivered on time, on budget, and exactly as envisioned. Here's how we stand out from other builders in the Bundaberg area to ensure you get the perfect granny flat:

Truly Custom Granny Flats

While many builders stick to repetitive, cookie-cutter designs, we thrive on creativity and uniqueness. We specialise in crafting granny flats that are not just living spaces, but reflections of your personality and lifestyle. When others say "No," we find innovative ways to say "Yes" to your unique ideas.

Methodical Organisation

Our approach to building your granny flat is meticulously planned. We invest significant time in organising every detail before construction begins, scheduling supplies and trades efficiently. This ensures a smooth, hassle-free building process for you.

Supreme Attention To Detail

We don't believe in 'good enough'; we aim for perfection. Our commitment to craftsmanship means your granny flat will be structurally sound and beautifully finished, down to the smallest detail.

Honesty in Everything We Do

Honesty is our policy. When you ask us a question, expect a straightforward answer. We value transparency and integrity, ensuring that our promises are always kept.

Rock Solid Reliability

We understand the concerns about builders affected by labour shortages and material cost fluctuations. Our experience, upfront pricing, and thorough planning ensure stability and reliability. With over 26 years of building experience in Bundaberg, we are a name you can trust.

Expert Advice for Your Granny Flat – Absolutely Free

If you have questions or need guidance on designing your granny flat, our Free Discovery Session is the perfect opportunity to benefit from our 26+ years of experience. We're here to help you get the exact granny flat you've been dreaming of.

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The Quickest And Easiest Way To Get The Custom Granny Flat Information You Need

Picture this: Your own beautifully crafted granny flat, a place where every corner tells a story, every feature reflects your taste. 

It's not just about adding space; it's about enhancing life's moments. And yet, with the abundance of building information available online, it's easy to get lost in endless research and still question the accuracy of what you find. 

That's where our Free Discovery Session steps in. 

It's the most efficient way to get reliable answers and essential information you need for your custom granny flat, including:

  • Your Questions Answered: Bring any and all questions – we’re here to provide honest, practical answers that will guide you toward achieving the granny flat you envision, with added suggestions to enhance it further.
  • Current Design Trends: We’ll share the latest trends in granny flat designs, offering you inspiration and insights. Plus, we’ll alert you to common design pitfalls to avoid, ensuring your granny flat is both stylish and functional.
  • Clarity and Confidence: Our guidance will help refine your ideas, giving you a clearer vision of what you want in your granny flat. This clarity is key in making decisions you'll be happy with for years to come.
  • Costs and Timelines: Get an honest overview of what’s involved in building your desired granny flat. We provide realistic estimates of total costs and timelines, so you can plan effectively without surprises.
  • Builder Comparison Questions: Not sure how to choose the right builder for your granny flat? We’ll provide you with key questions to ask, helping you to identify the builder best suited for your project.

Your Discovery Session will be with Norm Wales himself, the owner of the company (not a commission salesperson). Benefit from his extensive 26+ years of experience in building custom homes and granny flats in Bundaberg.

While we'd be thrilled to design and build your granny flat, our primary goal is to assist you in this Free Discovery Session. 

We want to ensure you have the best start in planning and building your dream granny flat.

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