How To Design The Exact Custom Home You’ve Always Wanted

Not The Generic, Lego-Style Home You Feel Forced To Accept

We help Bundaberg homeowners clarify your design ideas,
avoid expensive design mistakes, and get more from your budget,
so you can get the exact custom home you’ve always wanted.

Design Questions And Concerns That Could Make Or Break Your Custom Home

Like many people looking to design and build a home in Bundaberg, perhaps you are…

  • Feeling overwhelmed by all your options… and want guidance to help you refine and enhance your design ideas so you can get clarity about what you really want
  • Concerned about making permanent mistakes… and want guidance to weigh up the pros and cons of your choices so you have the information to make confident decisions
  • Afraid costs will stop you from getting what you really want… and would like to find a builder with the experience to make your budget go further so you don’t have to compromise on things you’ve been dreaming about
  • Disappointed about things you’ve been told you can’t have… and want a second opinion from an experienced builder who specialises in finding innovative ways to get the outcome you want
  • Frustrated your architectural plans cost too much to build… and want a designer builder who can provide alternate ways to get the same (or even better) result for a more affordable cost

Lots of people designing a custom home have similar thoughts. That’s why we created a Free Discovery Session where we share our 26+ years of experience to help you get the exact custom design you want.


The True Cost Of A Custom Home Design

When most builders talk about custom homes, what they really mean is a modified generic design. A catalogue floorplan that they try to adjust to suit your needs. The result is a home that never quite looks or feels right. Because it isn’t. And a home that costs way more than the advertised (or even the contract) price. Because every modification adds up.

Our process begins with a blank page, a pencil, and lots of time to understand and document the vision you have for your home. And don’t worry if you haven’t finalised all your ideas – we’ll guide you room by room, asking thoughtful questions to help you get a clear picture of what you really want.

How We Help You Get An Architectural Home Design Without The High Price Tag

Lots of Architects and Designers are great at designing impressive homes. But not as good at sticking to a budget when it comes to building. And it’s the little things that add up. For example, an architect will often set a height or length without understanding standard material sizes. By reducing something by 100mm (just 10cm) you can go down a beam size, and save thousands. Or, if you really want extra height or length, why not add 500mm and enjoy an extra half a metre without much cost.

When we design your home, we consider what it will take (and cost) to build. And we guide you in your decisions, so you get more house for your money.

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Our Proven Design Process

  • Step 1: You Forget generic designs. We want to get to know you – your family, your lifestyle, your personality, and your preferences. Then we create a home design especially for you. The exact floorplan, features, and finishes you want. The result is a house that feels like your home – because it was created just for you.
  • Step 2: Your Land It’s no good building a house that doesn’t suit your land. That’s why we assess your block to determine the best orientation, how to minimise earthworks (can save tens of thousands) and how to maximise natural light, breezes, views, and privacy.
  • Step 3: Value MaximiserWith a clear understanding of what you want, and what suits your block of land, we will make suggestions on where to prioritise spending. This allows you to save money on things that are less important, so you have more to invest in the things you really want.
  • Step 4: Future Proofing Saving a few dollars now often ends up costing you a lot more down the track as your needs change. That’s why we offer suggestions that make your home flexible for the future. Simple things like laying conduit to future power points (swimming pool, driveway light, front gate). And making the hallways and doorways wider for easier access in later life.
  • Step 5: Vision To Reality Your custom design turns the vision you have been dreaming about, into a blueprint that will become your actual home. No need to pinch yourself – your dream really is coming true.
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Let Us Help You Breathe Life Into Your Dream

You no longer need to merely dream about your home. We’ll help you turn your ideas into a detailed design. And there’s no need to be anxious about anything – we’ll help you every step of the way. The first step is a Free Discovery Session where Norm will answer your questions and share his 26+ years of experience to help you get the exact home you want.

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