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When looking to build our new home, we spoke to several builders but after speaking with Norm Wales Constructions, we were convinced this was the company that would deliver us a quality home on schedule. Norm told us the build would be scheduled and run like clockwork, and that is exactly what we experienced. Our interactions with various trades and suppliers confirmed that this is how Norm Wales operates every single time.

We had a particular design and look were after and are delighted that our final house matches our dream. Our experience with the Norm Wales team was outstanding, from the initial design work with Peter to our interactions with Michelle and Charlotte during the build. Norm’s team are professional, responsive, and great communicators.

We were fortunate to live close to the build site and can confirm that Norm was frequently onsite, checking the progress and quality of every stage of the build. Norm told us once that he keeps extra ice in bags in his fridge in case guests come over and his fridge dispenser runs out. That’s the type of man you want building your home.

We absolutely love our new house and thoroughly recommend Norm Wales Constructions. If we were building another house, we would definitely use Norm & the team.

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Norm Wales

Norm’s discipline continued as he excelled in his trade, gaining valuable experience that enabled him to begin his own building company. With a philosophy of constant improvement, Norm developed processes for every aspect of his business.

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