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How Do I Cut Costs When Building A New Home?

Building a new home can be a daunting task, with costs adding up quickly. However, there are many ways to reduce costs without cutting corners. There are a few simple ways to save money without compromising on quality. Find out more Keep It Simple Don’t be tempted by the state-of-the-art Kitchen complete with breakfast nook […]

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Will You Get The Quality You Want Building To a Square Metre Rate?

Building a new house is a daunting experience. Combining all the features and fittings you want into the perfect home and doing it all on a budget, can be far from easy. Regardless of whether you’re building your own home or an investment property, the key factor determining all your decisions is cost. You want […]

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How Much Of Your Money Is Actually Spent On Your New Home?

If builders are adding tens of thousands of dollars in profit to every contract they sign, why are so many of them failing every year? In this article you’ll learn the truth behind house prices and who is really making money in the construction industry… You’ll discover the truth behind house prices and why it […]


Does Your Floor Plan Suit Your Lifestyle?

Don’t assume every floor plan will fit your family and lifestyle. Builders put a lot of planning and thought into all of their floor plans however this doesn’t necessarily mean it will be exactly what you need.Check the room sizes on the floor plan are adequate for you. Consider furniture layout and use. Just as […]

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How Well Prepared Are You Prior To Building Your New Home?

Building a home can be a very demanding exercise; at the least because you don’t want to forget anything that you will later regret and you don’t want to burden yourself with an excessively high mortgage you can’t afford. Unfortunately, many home owners who design their new home or select a house and land package […]

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Why You Should Build With A Custom Home Builder

We consider ourselves a custom home builder. We work with you, we don’t just want client’s, but we want to develop and build relationships to encourage repeat business, referrals and word of mouth advertising. Click Here to find out The 7 Things you must ask before signing your building contract Display Homes Custom Home Builders […]

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Are You Wanting To Learn How To Maintain Your New Home?

Owning a home presents itself with many different responsibilities. Even if you have just purchased a new home, it’s important to make regular home maintenance routines a part of your life. Home maintenance ensures that all of the different elements of your home run smoothly together, saving you time and money in the long run. […]

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Do You Understand “Builders Lingo”?

Builders can be confusing with their vocabulary and industry talk they use on a daily basis.Building is like any other business, there is a lot of terminology used and you can feel confused at times. Here are some phrases that are often misunderstood however do become very important when they appear in a building contract. […]

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What Do You Need To Know Before Deciding On A Builder?

Selecting the right home builder for your wants & needs and for the type of new home you are after is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in your home buying process. Fortunately, there are some proven ways to speed up the research and selection process and to help ensure that you find […]

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Is Your Builder Not Calling You Back?

Why You Should Never Trust A Builder Who Doesn’t Call Back. Have you made a phone call to a builder, left a message or sent an email and are still waiting for a reply??? There is nothing more frustrating than people not returning your call or messages. Whether you get a call back from a […]